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Zinc Chloride Powder/Liquid Application & Use

Zinc Chloride Powder/Liquid Application & Use
Zinc Chloride Powder/Liquid Application & Use
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Product Code : Liquid & PowderZinc
Brand Name : PINKTO
Product Description

Owing to our ethical business dealings and panel of expert chemical engineers, our company is noted as one of the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of Zinc Chloride Powder. In compliance with industrial standards, chloride powders are formulated by us using high-end quality compounds.  Suitable for using in paper, rubber, fiber, agriculture and cement industries, these chloride powders are provided to our clients in the safe packing. Clients can get Zinc Chloride Powder from us at unbeatable prices.


  • Easy to use
  • Long shelf life
  • Purity





Assay  (as ZnCl2)



Water White Liquid

Iron & Lead Less than 10 ppm
Specific Gravity 1.40-1.45

Zinc Chloride is offered as a 40-43% strength water solution, commonly know as Lye or Solution.  This product is preferred by Battery and Adhesive manufacturers.

Zinc Chloride General Information

Zinc chloride is the name of chemical compound with the formula ZnCl2 and its hydrates. ZnCl2, of which nine crystalline forms are known, is colorless or white and highly soluble in water. ZnCl2 itself is hygroscopic and even deliquescent. Samples should therefore be protected from sources of moisture, including the water vapor present in ambient air. ZnCl2 finds wide application in textile processing, metallurgical fluxes, and chemical synthesis. No mineral with this chemical composition as ZnCl2 is known although a very rare mineral, simonkolleite, Zn5(OH)8Cl2H2O is known.

Applications & Uses:

As a metallurgical flux

Zinc chloride has the ability to attack metal oxides (MO) to give derivatives of the formula MZnOCl2. This reaction is relevant to the utility of ZnCl2 as a flux for soldering. It is used in fluxes for galvanizing, soldering and tinning.

In organic synthesis

In the laboratory, it finds wide use, principally as a moderate-strength Lewis acid and in several other reactions.

In textile processing

Concentrated aqueous solutions of more than 64% weight/weight Zncl2 in water have the interesting property of dissolving starch, silk, and cellulose. Thus, such solutions cannot be filtered through standard filter papers. Relevant to its affinity for these materials, ZnCl2 is used as a fireproofing agent and in fabric "refresheners" such as Febreze.

Dry Cell  or Batteries

It is commonly used in dry cell batteries as an electrolyte where it also acts as a moisture absorbent and corrosion inhibitor.


Today, there are three primary types of acid zinc plating baths: straight ammonium chloride, straight potassium chloride and mixed ammonium chloride/potassium chloride.


It is an excellent emulsion breaker and is used to separate oil from water. It is also an effective packer fluid in oil and gas wells due to its high specific gravity.


It is used in the production of ethylacetate. It is also used as condensing agent for the production of organic dye-stuff. It  is used as a stabilizing agent for diazonium compounds. It is used for the production of active carbon. It is used for Friedel Craft Reaction, Azotropic or Azeotropic Distillation, Desiccation. Zinc laurate, linoleate Stearate or resinate can be formed from ZnCl2 solutions and solutions of the corresponding sodium salt. Zinc chloride is a Lewis acid and therefore electrophilic in character. Zinc Chloride is particularly effective in catalyzing reactions that eliminate molecules of water, ammonia or mercaptans. Its solutions gelatinize cellulosic materials and induce cross linking in such polymer formers as the methylol ureas. It absorbs readily on charcoal or silica for catalyzing acylations and alkylations by Friedel-Crafts synthesis. In esterifications and condensation reactions, it facilitates the elimination of water or ammonia molecules from the reactants. One example is the Fischer idole synthesis.


Zinc Chloride is used as an herbicide. It is used to control lichen and moss growing on the roofs of houses and other domestic dwellings, along walks, driveways, fences, and wherever moss grows.


It is very rarely used in agriculture. ZnCl2 may be reacted with chelating agents to form solutions of zinc that are biologically available to plants and animals.


It is used in Ion - Exchange resins production.


It is used in for the production of lithopone and as pigment for zinc chromate.


It is used as accelerator in the vulcanizing process of rubber.

Glue, wood working

Zinc Chloride is used in for the preservation of glue, and for the impregnation of timber.


It is used in off-set in the chemical products.

Odor Control

It reacts with sulfide to minimize release of H2S gas in waste treatment facilities.

Oil-Gas Wells

High-density solutions of zinc chloride and calcium chloride give good performance in well completion and work-over operations; the solutions also used as packer fluids under certain well conditions. It has been used in specialty corrosion inhibitors and invert emulsion breakers.

Vulcanized Fiber & Reclaimed Rubber

Water-leaf paper is gelatinized with ZnCl2 solution is lesstacky, drier and less moisture-absorbent than caustic reclaimed rubber. It not only dissolves the cellulosic fibers in the scrap, but also catalyzes depolymerization of the elastomer. Similar method is used for rubber reclaimed from natural, styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), and mixed scrap

Animal drug

It is used for the production of zinc bacitracin.

..and several other uses.