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Our story began in 1967. Back then we were producing and custom formulating the efficacious composition of Zinc Chloride in a small manufacturing unit in Kolkata, erstwhile Calcutta, West Bengal. With the aim to diversify and grow, Pinkto Chemicals then moved on to establish itself as an MSME and added two more specialty products - Mercuric Chloride and Zinc Dust and another manufacturing facility based out of Ganjam, Odisha. 

A family run small scale industry, Pinkto Chemicals derived its name from the word "Pink" which stands for the highest form or degree of something, indicating prime quality, exemplary conduct, conscience and ethos. It symbolizes sterling health and a state of bliss. "To" signifies togetherness, direction, a proposition; suggesting forward movement with oneness, hope and meritorious accomplishments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a global leader with our clients, creating value by offering innovative, premium quality products and services. Our company was founded with a goal being environmentally responsible organization. We foster an environment where morale, safety and the development of our employees are fundamental to our  success.


To be a leader in the inorganic chemical industry by providing enhanced services, building everlasting relationship and profitability; focusing on economic and competitive product development.

To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers with moral code as the essence.

Core values :

We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith.

  • We grow through invention, creativity and innovation.
  • We integrate transparency, integrity, honesty, and business ethics into all aspects of our business function.
  • Grow together with our human resources by offering consistent training & self motivation and inculcating confidence and finesse in whatever we do.


National and international expansion and building state-of-the-science manufacturing units in the field of chemicals with core focus on ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes and minimal negative environmental impact.  

Organizations & Affiliations

In addition to making the world’s Zinc and Mercury value-added products, we are engaged in organizations and affiliations across the globe. Our involvement in the Indian Chemical Manufacturer & Merchant Association (ICMMA), FICCI, Indian Chamber of Commerce and others, furthers our commitment to a sustainable future for the market and the world.


We are a leading supplier to various national and multinational organizations including Dry Cell Batteries, Paints & Coating Industry, Galvanizing Industry, Lubricants, Electroplating, Rubber Industry, Mining and Laboratory Reagents.


We maintain our own laboratory. The products like Zinc Stearate are tested at every stage of manufacturing right from the testing of raw materials to the final packaging and loading. We always maintain consistency in quality and stick to timely delivery. We regularly upgrade our manufacturing facility and improve the refining process. We work on the principle of innovation along with development of technology.

Our plant is fully equipped with the latest machinery and powered by technological advance that ensures superior quality products. Our highly competent team backed by professionals with expert engineers who lay special emphasis on formulation and quality of the products.

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